Algy’s Easter Ditty

Algy was so thrilled with his very special Easter egg that he felt compelled to write an instant ditty to thank the Easter Bunny:

Oh chickie, you’re so pretty,
I must quickly write a ditty,
So that I can tell the other birds
A new friend’s come to stay.
Now you are here I know it’s spring,
It makes me want to dance and sing,
I love the way you hop about
And cheep throughout the day.

Oh thank you, Easter Bunny!
Though your antics may be funny,
For the egg you bring is special
With a magic gift inside;
Its shell is painted brightly,
But within a chick pecks lightly,
Till it jumps out with a happy chirp
To say “It’s Eastertide!”

Happy Easter everyone!

[ © 2013 This ditty is original copyright material, but you are welcome to share it on Tumblr providing you credit the original and link back to Algy’s Adventures.]

Happy Easter!


The Easter Bunny brought Algy a very special Easter egg, and told him that he could keep on opening it for as long as he wanted to, providing that he put it back together again each time 🙂

Algy wishes all his friends everywhere a very Happy Easter, and hopes that you will all have a lovely, sunny, happy day xoxo

The local landscape was on fire again, so Algy spent the day anxiously firewatching. Despite the high rainfall at most times of year, the West Highland moorland is often tinder dry in early spring, and the traditional crofting practice of “muir burn” quickly gets out of hand.

Some of his friends may remember the serious hill fire around Algy’s home last year, which caused Algy to keep watch all night while the sky burned and then thank the firefighters in April 2012.

Algy heard a distinctive sound overhead so he immediately looked up at the sky. Some of his friends were leaving, which always made him feel rather sad. He bid them a fond farewell, and hoped that they would have a safe journey and return to see him when the days grew shorter again.

Algy had spent a long afternoon composing ditties. The moon was beginning to climb in the sky as the last of the evening sun lit up the ridge, but Algy wasn’t watching. He balanced his rhyming dictionary rather precariously among the branches and sat lost in reverie, wondering whether he really could rhyme  ‘orange’ with ‘challenge’ as the book suggested.

Algy felt in need of a more appreciative audience for his ditties, so he gathered some of the local residents together, and found a soft perch in a more prominent position than before. To his surprise, the goose responded much more enthusiastically when there were additional spectators present.