Some of Algy’s friends have mentioned to him that they are thinking of buying one of his special jigsaw puzzles, so he wants them to know that the jigsaw has proved very popular, and there is now (22nd December) only one left.

The complete jigsaw image is shown above: it has 60 pieces of a good size for small fingers, measures 30cm wide by 20 cm high, and comes with a large photo of the image for reference. Algy’s jigsaw puzzle for children is available to buy from Algy’s crowdfunding campaign page at Sponsume – scroll down the Sponsume page to the 4th item in the column on the right.

You can watch Algy trying to do his own jigsaw puzzle in this animation.

So if you are thinking of buying this jigsaw, please don’t delay or you may be disappointed… and if you do find you are too late, please let Algy know, and he will get in touch with you if he is able to obtain any more later on.

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