When the tide came in, Algy flew up from the rocks to the top of the brae behind them, and perched in a stunted bush. The position was a wee bit exposed, to say the least, and more bad weather was moving in fast across the ocean from the west, but the view across the Bay of the Sand Islands was worth a few ruffled feathers!

The landscape looked strangely flat from this high point, and the wee beach at this end of the bay looked bigger than the much larger beaches beyond it, but it certainly was a grand view, to be sure 🙂

For more information about the Bay of the Sand Islands, Algy suggests that you read A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird 🙂

In the West Highlands of Scotland, it’s necessary to seize every chance that you can for sunbathing, as those chances may be very few and far between. And it’s worth knowing which spots are just ideal for soaking up the sunshine, especially when the air and the wind are cold – but be sure to check that the tide is going out, and not coming in 🙂



Look, what arrived today! A wonderful book about the adventures of a wonderfully fluffy bird, made by his equally wonderful assistant Jenny. And I’m so anxious to read it!

adventuresofalgy and jennychapmanartwork made my day! Hooray for fluffy birds!

And Algy says “Hooray for wonderful Tumblr friends!” – without you he would be just another lonely fluffy bird flapping in the wilderness…

Algy sends you his fluffiest thanks for buying his book and lots of the exceedingly fluffy hugs xoxoxo

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After an exceedingly grey day, the sun appeared in the late afternoon, so – despite the very low temperatures – Algy decided to take an instant summer holiday at the seaside…

[This post from yesterday was accidentally deleted when Algy had to deal with some spam bots today, so he is reposting it now as it belongs in the current series.]

Perching on the warm rocks in the sunshine, surrounded by many
fascinating rock pools and the beautiful turquoise and deep blue sea, it
seemed to Algy that the life of a fluffy bird was sometimes a very
pleasant one, even if the barnacles did prickle his tail feathers…

[Algy apologises if you have already seen this. He had to delete the original post as a Russian spam bot chain got hold of it.]

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Algy has been very busy posting out parcels to all the kind friends who pre-ordered a signed copy of his book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird, and he thought that you might like to see a photo of the actual postbox where all those books get posted – more or less at the edge of the known world 🙂 As you can see, the box is not big enough to post very many books at one time, and it is quite a tricky job for a fluffy bird!

Behind Algy’s back lie the sand dunes and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, stretching out into the west, and the dark ridges which you can just see in the background to the north are islands.

In a few weeks’ time, Algy is going to open an Etsy shop, where you will be able to buy signed books and other fluffy things. But if you want to buy a signed copy of the book – perhaps with a dedication to a child – before the Etsy shop opens, just get in touch 🙂 You can use Tumblr mail (if it works!) or the contact form on Algy’s own web site.