Eventually, the mist lifted…


Eventually the wind swung round to the north and the mist lifted, at least until the wind changed again… Algy was so relieved to see some light and colour in the world once more that he flew straight down to the sea and found himself a perch on a rock where the tide was washing in. The world looked entirely different on a fine day, and Algy couldn’t help wishing that it would be fine just a wee bit more often… But there was little he could do to influence the weather, so he decided to make the most of the sunshine while it lasted, even though the wind was still decidedly cool.

Incoming Tide


Algy hopped over to the rocks, where the incoming tide was surging and gurgling through a narrow channel in a most delightful way. For a short while he perched on a rocky seat in the sunshine, just watching the water rushing backwards and forwards, although he knew that he would not be able to stay there for long…

An Ideal Perch by the Seaside :)


The ground was so damp and slimy, not to mention cold, that Algy looked around for another perch nearby, and soon found a splendid seat among a collection of nautical paraphernalia which the humans had left lying about the place. When the wind blew – as it did most of the time – it was almost as good as a swing, and although Algy found it a wee bit tricky to keep his balance and avoid tumbling off when the stronger gusts took him by surprise, he enjoyed himself immensely… until it started to rain again.

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy a colourful, entertaining, and very happy Sunday 🙂

After an exceedingly grey day, the sun appeared in the late afternoon, so – despite the very low temperatures – Algy decided to take an instant summer holiday at the seaside…

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Perching on the warm rocks in the sunshine, surrounded by many
fascinating rock pools and the beautiful turquoise and deep blue sea, it
seemed to Algy that the life of a fluffy bird was sometimes a very
pleasant one, even if the barnacles did prickle his tail feathers…

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